The chocolate cupcakes were snapped up quickly at my launch party at Collected Works on October 6th.  Writer and former student Judi Hendricks put together a set of scintillating questions for a great conversation.  I was pleased to see friends in the chairs and even more so to sign books.  Actual books are rare these days.  Some people--I'm one of them--can't let go of the old fashioned kind you hold in your hand.  There is something unmistakably wonderful about cracking open an unread book.  The last two books I bought were Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, a book beloved by my writer friends, one I somehow missed, and Friends Like Us by Lauren Fox.  I try to buy at least one writer I haven't heard of every time I go book shopping.  Probably silly, but I like new writing and feel a responsibility as a teacher to keep up with trends so as to help new writersand also see what's meaningful the generations after me.

I wrote an article for New Mexico Magazine on Santa Fe Style, which about killed me.  I have the utmost respect for journalists.  Their writing is so very different from fiction.  Which is a sly way of saying it was VERY HARD for me and as a result for Tired Husband, too.  Monday they are sending a photographer to my house.  They want me to dress up in vintage Western clothing, which should be fun.  Keeping the tiny greyhounds from biting, pooping, and or making a terrible racket should be the hardest part.  I've been shopping for a few new togs on EBay.  Not a lot of call for me to dress up, but I sure do enjoy it.  My latest find was a mid-thigh length military coat that has beaded, fringed epaulets.  I bought a yellow three tier skirt at Dillard's to go with it. My Old Gringop Golandritas will make a perfect complement.  And speaking of Old Gringo...

Guess where I'm headed while in California next week?  I'll tell you after I've been there and back.  I am so excited to see where I'm going.

Reading: ARC of Cinthia Ritchie's first novel, Dolls Behaving Badly
Watching: Season 4 of Breaking Bad
Wondering: How my son is doing in Bethel, AK, where he is at his first job of being an RN (Winter is Coming)
Anticipating: My mom's upcoming 90th birthday, getting back to writing Owen's Daughter
Hoping: For some decent book sales so I can afford the tiny greyhounds, World Peace.

More later,
10/14/2012 04:54:08 am

Just finished Finding Casey - LOVED IT!! There is something about your writing that just reels me into the story and setting. Enjoy your book tour - wish you were coming to Chicago.

10/21/2012 07:26:19 am

Hello J., I am so excited to find you again and a new book to read!
I was just looking on Amazon and your books on my shelves called to me, so I looked you up! My two all time favorites are Hank & Chloe and The Wilder Sisters! Once my friend and I read Sisters we would decide who would play the different parts if a movie was ever made! Too bad, it never came to pass, as all the actors we picked are too "mature" now! Hugs to you! C.

10/21/2012 10:56:21 am

That picture is SO adorable! And I'm glad you're working on the followup to BLUE RODEO. I only hope Owen will be able to bring both parts of his family -- Skye and Margaret -- together to form a cohesive whole.

gayle killingbeck
12/14/2012 10:26:58 am

You are amazing. Love your babies...very photogenic. I just read Finding Casey. Couldn't put it down. Can't wait to read more by you. Not surprising you hang with Hendricks! I make the most amazing bread with her recipe from Bread Alone. You rock lady! Hope to meet you someday.

3/7/2021 04:56:40 pm

Hi nice readingg your blog

2/16/2023 10:27:04 pm

Thank you for ssharing


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