The highlight of my day was a maple bacon cupcake from CoCopelli Cupcakes in Santa Fe. Buttercream frosting and a spicy cake, topped with bacon--is there anything better? Tired Husband tried the cinnamon apple cupcake, which was also a big hit. Why should you come to my book launch party this Saturday at 3 PM at Collected Works Bookstore?  Because I've ordered 2 dozen vanilla and chocolate cupcakes for the event. In addition to eating cupcakes, I will be engaging in a literary conversation with Judi Hendricks, another Santa Fe writer, and a former student when I still lived in California. Judi lives in THE Stamm house, a traditionally built territorial style home with a mural by Pop Chalee, a noted Taos Pueblo artist.

Otherwise, I've been busy writing a story for New Mexico Magazine on Santa Fe style.  Apparently I have it.  I've been trying to nail down the origins of Santa Fe style all week.  Talk about complex.  The influences come from all directions.  Pueblo Indians traded with a variety of travelers. Then the Spanish arrived.  In exchange for corn, beans, and pottery, the Indians received velvet.  Westward ho, came from the East, and Victorian styles came along.  That's  a nutshell version of my very complicated story.  Talking about it is a lot easier than writing about it.

In dog news, Rufous hasn't stolen much this week, but as he would be the first to tell you, the week isn't over yet.  I'm trying to learn how to use the blog feature on my new website.  I don't know if I'll write anything interesting here, other than random thoughts.  Soon I'll head off to Arizona and California for a few book signings and then my mom's 90th birthday celebration.  Put enough Mapsons in one room and you never know what will happen.  There is a Duffy boat ride on the books, and Sprinkles cupcakes, I love the vanilla ones, and will report on that as it unfolds.

Here's what I'm reading: How the West Was Worn, JK Rowling's Casual Vacancy, and finished Blackberry Winter by Sarah Jio.  Watching: Season 3 of Breaking Bad. Activity: Cleaning out closet, folding laundry, bidding on EBay vintage boots, jackets and checking my Amazon.com standing every 30 minutes. 

Yours in Neuroses Galore,

bj moore
12/7/2012 12:46:06 am

I just finished reading Finding Casey from the library...I'm trying not to buy books anymore because I've run out of shelving and because I'm semi-retired and can't afford all the ones I want to buy. I enjoyed Finding Casey so much...I've read it twice now and my two weeks are almost up. I wanted to say thank you for such a wonderful book. I love how your books make me feel so light and happy. Life is truly what you make it.

Happy Holidays,
best regards, bj moore

12/17/2012 10:22:13 am

Thank you for writing to me! I am glad you enjoyed Finding Casey. I can relate on the running out of bookshelf space and $ these days. What matters most to me is that you read and enjoyed it. Happy holidays to you, too, BJ.

2/7/2014 10:10:01 am

I hope you're feeling better.
When will your article appear in New Mexico magazine?

1/1/2021 10:23:25 am

I enjoyed reading your ppost

Dot Berube Blevins
1/30/2023 03:30:15 pm

Dear Ms.Mapson,
I am so looking forward to reading "Love, Fred Astaire" Why is it that it's so hard to get a copy?? Your biggest fan!! Dot Berube Blevins.


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